Elizabetta Men’s Luxury Italian Handmade Silk Grenadine Tie Necktie, Garza Fina


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    Real Grenadine silk is only woven along the lake shores of Como, Italy on wooden looms dating back to 1928. There are only two mills who weave this luxury fabric from a high-twist silk yarn.

    • Silk grenadine has a delicate open weave which produces a tie renowned for its excellent drape. It naturally makes full sized knots with beautiful dimples using a four-in-hand knot.
      We do not advise a Windsor knot as the knot will tend to be very large.
    • We recommend storing by hanging (rotating the position of the tie to avoid creases) or rolling, being careful not to damage the tip.
    • There are two types of grenadine: Garza fina, which produces a smoother more subtle texture and Garza grossa, which produces a thicker more pronounced texture.
    • Elizabetta's silk grenadine neckties are hand cut and sewn, one by one in Como. They are lined with an inner wool fleece and finished with our signature pinstripe silk lining.

    Elizabetta Boutique brings you unique luxury fashion accessories direct from Italy. There are no middlemen, so you pay less.
    Founded in 2004 by Elizabetta who sources the finest quality 100% Italian fabrics and leather in the latest colors, patterns and styles which are then hand crafted in Italy into beautiful fashion accessories.

    • We design and manufacture our own exclusive Elizabetta fashion accessories in addition to bringing you some of Italy's other fantastic high fashion designer labels.
    • Every item in the boutique is made in sweatshop free, eco-conscious, fair labor family run small businesses in Italy.
    • These same companies also produce for very high-end fashion houses using the same fabrics and techniques.
    • Beautiful, classic and fashionable styles in for both women and men.

    • Here at Elizabetta we want you to own something quite special and we love to design, create and seek out that something special for you - It's our passion.
      A must in every gentleman's wardrobe, a grenadine silk tie will set you apart.
      A must in every gentleman's wardrobe, a grenadine silk tie will set you apart.
      Hand woven on wooden looms in Lake Como, Italy, grenadine has a unique weave that is subtle and elegant